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So I'm at a two year old's birthday party this past Sunday when a seven year old walks up to my girlfriend and asks her to follow her on Instagram. It is literally amazing how technology that many professional adults are unaware of or not using is commonplace at this point to school children. I have young ones that I know who can use an Ipad, smartphone, or the
Internet better than most adults nowadays. How many of you out there remember when you got 30 minutes for $30month with your new Star Tac cell phone? Or the fear of going over minutes on your cell and getting a $500 bill? Fast forward to today and who cares about minutes anymore? Today, it's all about the data plan and text messaging. I took a look at my last few cell statements and I have not used more than 900 minutes in forever...but send/receive 9000 texts month in and month
out! Bear in mind I do not even have a home phone and haven't in years. If you are like me, it's almost aggravating when a friend CALLS instead of texts at this point...isn't it? So you are probably thinking... what does this have to do with automotive sales, or the title of this post? Well here it is: PERSON TO PERSON COMMUNICATION IS A FAST DYING ART! How will
future generations communicate with someone or something that doesn't have a "send" button on it?...or a controller? I've seen children text each other from the same room! So, take heart sales professionals. The future competition is thinning itself out without even realizing it. The value of a REAL sales person is rising faster than Google's stock
price on Wall Street. One that can COMFORTABLY communicate with another human being in person or over the phone. One that understands the importance of body language, tone and inflection, when to step on the gas, and when to hit the
brakes. One that can find common ground with a potential customer...sell themselves...sell their business...and sell their product effectively in person and during a phone conversation. For all of the Truecars of the ever changing and technology dependent modern world one thing remains constant...when
it comes down to the final phase in the buying cycle...PEOPLE WANT TO BUY FROM PEOPLE. There will be no automobile vending giant curtain to pull after building your car online. What there will be is very VERY few sales professionals left to handle...wait...this may scare the young ones...PEOPLE IN PERSON AND OVER THE PHONE. Frightening isn't it!!! So sales pros, keep sharpening your pencils, using sites like these to increase your knowledge base, attending 20
groups to perfect you craft, because in this writer's opinion, you'll be getting one hell of a raise in the years to come. We are all witnessing the death of the salesman (and women) least the truly skilled ones.

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