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  • I totally agree with Joseph.  That is how we work it at my dealership.  I am the Internet Director for the largest Toyota dealer in Wisconsin and I have 6 Coordinators under my belt and 1 Business Development Manager who does database mining.   We average a 18% lead turn for all combined.   Continuous training is everything.

  • Great stuff Sean.  I am a single man operation that carries everything from cradle to grave.  I average 21 per month.  The disadvantage is that a lot of my leads are worked at home during off hours.  This due to the fact If I sell two or three in a day continued follow up suffers.  We are right in between in needing another guy to help out.

  • Reverse engineer your results. It is no different than when setting your sales goals if you want to sell 20 a month you must first figure out how many people you need to talk to, to sell one. Then you just do the math. If you deliver 25% (1 out of 4) you need to be in front of at least 80 people on the lot. I do not mean 80 lot ups. I mean busting ass to get people in!

  • I could not agree more...there are many ways of doing this but the BEST system I've seen is the Internet Coordinator working the lead until the appointment is set and the sales floor taking the lead over in the showroom.  Other systems can work, but are designed to NOT optimize your results. 

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