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If you were thrown off by the title just now I think it is safe to say you have no clue what this article is about, which is great and you are about to learn something! Our social media team found this article while researching content and found it to be very interesting. Social Media Today explained this complex topic in a semi-simple way, and I’m going to simplify it even more, AND it’s extremely important to your brand!  Colors play a huge role in marketing and can help evoke emotions in your customers.  The key is to use the right colors that you feel should be associated with your brand. You do not want your children’s clothing business to be branded in dull mono-tone colors! According to the research in the above article, dull and mono-tone colors (like gray) can make a customer feel blah. No one is going to want to spend time feeling “blah”

It’s all about making colors work for you and your brand. Think about it, there are reasons certain sites draw you in more than others and after a while, people begin to associate a specific color with a specific brand. Most people can pick the “Facebook Blue” out of a line up, wouldn’t it be cool if people could pick your brands color out of a collection? Color is actually a way to communicate without communicating verbally. Using the right colors can make a big impact on how your brand is viewed and the “taste” it leaves in a customers mouth. Customers are 85% more likely to give your brand / company the time of day if they enjoy the colors used in the logo and in-store! Companies that used a consistent color pallet in print, digital marketing and social media had their brand recognized  80% more often then stores that stuck to primary and basic pallets. Those are high percentages! So, according to Social Media Today this color chart below explains emotions based on colors. Do any of these trigger your emotions according to the chart? Check them out. Also, consider what colors could possibly improve your marketing efforts. Best of luck to you with your branding and have an orange day! (Or you know cheerful and confident day)

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Nissan Is Gaining Social Media Steam

Automakers have seen the benefits that social media can have on its brands, and as a result, are spending more time (and money) cultivating a presence on these online channels. And this effort is paying off – especially for Nissan. Nissan North America has been interacting with fans of its brands through social media and building a loyal brand following.

Nissan is seeing increased fan interaction on the big three social media venues: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Nissan ranked #8 on list of Top 15 Brands on Twitter for 2011 (as indexed by HootSuite), joining other famous brands such as Apple and Nike. Boasting more than 75,000 Twitter followers across various Nissan brand accounts, the automaker is following the lead of automakers that like to tweet. Take Lexus – the luxury brand is rated the most active tweeter when it comes to automakers, conversing with 288,000 followers… not too shabby.

Nissan is also making great strides with its Facebook account. The company has passed the 500,000 likes count, thanks it part to the all-new Pathfinder Concept reveal that can be accessed by liking Nissan’s Facebook page. Nissan still has a way to go before catching up with BMW’s Facebook page, which boasts over 7,000,000 fans.

Considering how popular online videos are, it’s no surprise that Nissan is having increased success onYouTube. The Nissan channel views have jumped to 10,000,000, thanks to frequent and updated video content.

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Hyundai has launched an inventive social marketing program called the “HYUNDAI RACE” at Times Square, one of the busiest city cross streets in the world. By downloading a controller app from the iTunes app store, participants can enjoy the HYUNDAI RACE featuring the all-new Hyundai Veloster on a prominent billboard via Hyundai WiFi.

Steve Shannon, Hyundai Motor America vice president of Marketing said, “Having a large video display in Times Square certainly creates awareness among consumers through creative graphic elements. But Hyundai’s racing game takes engagement to a new level. The game invites the audience to interact with Hyundai in the middle of one of the world’s busiest venues for commerce and tourism. It’s a great example of our innovative marketing at work.”

HYUNDAI RACE  is played by tilting a smart phone like one would steer a car. Players race their Veloster against the clock and their score will get posted on the billboard to be ranked amongst other players. HYUNDAI RACE will be up on the billboard in Times Square until the end of this year, and Hyundai will continue launching a number of other interactive experiences in Times Square thoughout 2012.

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