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Training with Anthony Alagona

             Just finished my first Dealer Synergy Training workshop week which was run and lead by "the great" Anthony Alagona! We had a blast throughout the entire process. It was intense and repetitive, but always progressive and positive boot camp like training. The 1st day Anthony was here was literally my 1st day in the Internet Sales Dept. I was a complete blank slated newbie who had no idea what the steps even were for any of the formats and protocols. And thanks to Anthony's help along with a great networking team of all of my colleagues here at Jim Ball, I am now able to recite the Inbound, Outbound, and Rebuttals Scripts and word-tracks backwards, forwards, and side-ways word for word while being able to inject my personality into it during the process. Anthony is by far one of the most driven, optimistic, positive, and inspirational people that which I have ever had the honor of meeting.  From telling us to chase our dreams and not ever let anyone tell us what we can't accomplish in our lives, to encouraging us to actually make the commitment to ourselves and to hold ourselves accountable for such promises. I love the "Time is running out" as well as the "How bad do you want it" videos that he introduced us to as well. I now watch each video right before leaving for work each day on my laptop to get myself pumped up and ready for the day! I also loved the idea that Mr. Bradley came up with in the "3 minute book", I think its an ingenious idea to literally look at and focus on the representation of your goals each day before you even make that 1st call in the morning, thank you for that and this tremendous program you have created for all of us Mr. Bradley. And I digress, but in conclusion, Anthony was definitely a phenomenal team leader, motivator, and friend during his stay here. I look forward to the next time that we will have the pleasure of seeing him so that he can see just how much all of his training has paid off and helped all of us here at Jim Ball, thanks Anthony, you rock brthr!!

  -Joe Latona

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