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Karen Bradley, CEO of Dealer Synergy, was featured on the Autobytel Training Series Webinar April 18th, 2017. Karen is a certified FranklinCovey Trainer and Facilitator as she trains dealerships across the country.

There is a reason why “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” curriculum, written by the late Stephen R. Covey, is taught to over 65% of all Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations. Additionally, there are over 6 Million people globally trained on the the “7 Habits”, with over 35 million book copies sold worldwide, making it the #1 non-fiction book of all time. The “7 Habits” focuses on time management, leadership, organization, communication and teaches you how to truly achieve Work / Life balance. I have spent a lot of time in dealerships and teaching this course and I cannot tell you how often I hear people say that they never have any time left over for themselves. They are used to putting themselves last. Their health has even suffered!! They eat poorly...if they eat at all and there is definitely no time for physical fitness. They work super long hours, have kids to be a parent to and even spending time with their families is difficult to accomplish. And friends? What are those?? I promise you that there is a better way. A way where you can achieve it all! Time to work and achieve objectives. Quality time for your kids. Time for your friends and especially, time for yourself! It all boils down to being effective!

If you work in a dealership, you know how chaotic it can be. Often times, it is difficult to distinguish the priorities from all of the noise. You invest 8, 10, even 12 hours of your day only to leave feeling like you got nothing accomplished. Also, it’s no secret there is a serious problem in the automotive industry with attrition! Our industry is plagued with mediocrity. You see it on the Showroom sales floor, in F&I, in Service, in the Internet Sales Dept and BDC… it’s everywhere! And if you are NOT in the automotive Industry...I’m sure you can still relate!! And this webinar is for you too! If you want to learn how to do more, be more and achieve more, you need to understand the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and how they can literally transform your LIFE! Register today and be well on your way to personal and professional effectiveness!

Read more… 267-319-6776 Why Training is Important:? There are over 17,500 Franchised Dealerships in the country with over 400,000 Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Owners. The average sales person delivers 9 units per month and earns less than $50,000 annually. Furthermore, the Auto industry is hemorrhaging with Attrition. Over 70% Attrition with new hires! Yet, there are people that are averaging 30, 40 and even 50+ units per month on the Showroom Floor and earning $150,000 , $200,000 and even $350,000+ per year on the showroom floor. Why? How? What’s the difference? Simple, People that are trained properly, prepared for every situation, every scenario, that are confident and organized are going to do more, be more and achieve more. Do NOT let your people “PRACTICE” with real customers. 99% of prospects go online before they step foot into the Dealership. The average “In Market Buyer” only visits 1.2 Dealerships. The Internet and Phones are the “New Showroom”! If you have NOT set up your Internet, Phones and BDC initiative correctly or set up your CRM and TRAINED everyone in your organization thoroughly on these strategies and resources you will fail. If you do not fail, the best you can hope for is mediocrity. People are NOT an expense or a liability. The right people, properly trained are your greatest asset and what differentiates you from your competition. So invest in your business, invest in your people. Train, mentor and develop your people. IF you are going to NADA Convention & Expo #NADA100 call / text me to set up an appointment 267-319-6776 or stop by the Dealer Synergy Booth #4901

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Call or text Sean at 267-319-6776

Help Because You Can is an initiative started by Dealer Synergy's Sean and Karen Bradley. Karen Bradley didn't grow up wealthy and warm, in fact, quite the opposite. Watch this tale to learn why Karen is giving up her gifts this Christmas.

The Dealer Synergy family has teamed up to make a difference this holiday season by donating clothing, hygiene products, winter accessories, and small toys for children, to the homeless. But we need your help. Any donation you can make, big or small will help men, women and children in need. We are Determined to provide for the homeless this holiday season Help, because you can.

Please visit our Amazon list:

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Congratulations are in order for our President of Dealer Synergy, Karen Bradley.  Dealer Synergy is an award-winning national automotive training and consulting company. Karen has been with Dealer Synergy and actively involved in the automotive industry for over 8 years. In addition to such she has over ten years experience in accounting and has served as Chief Financial Officer. Now, she is being honored with one of the highest nominations in the industry, Automotive News’ 100 Leading Women award.

Every five years, Automotive News nominates the top 100 female executives in the industry. The list is compiled from dealerships, suppliers, and automakers to create the top 100 in the North American Automotive Industry. Nominations are based on who readers feel should be considered for the year’s list. Karen Bradley has been deemed worthy of this nomination by her peers.

Karen is a very hard working woman and worked her way up from the Director of Dealer Synergy, to the position she holds as President today. Through her principles and Dealer Synergy’s, her mission statement remains to enable greatness in our industry. She makes it her mission to help people do more, be more, and to achieve more. This allows people to sell more cars, more often, more profitably.   What makes Karen unique is the knowledge she has instilled in herself with time management, Franklin Covey certification, and her work/life balance. Some of her many accomplishments include:

  • Co-creator of Internet Sales 20 Group, the most preeminent 3 day workshop in the automotive industry. 

  • NADA 20 Group Speaker

  • National Speaker Association Member

  • Trainer and Facilitator of Franklin Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People and 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity) it is also important to note that of the 2 people officially partnered with the Franklin Covey Organization in the Automotive industry, Karen is the only female.

  • Authored articles for National magazines such as AutoSuccess

  • Co-creator of the virtual training platform

  • Sole curriculum creator for workbooks, deliverables, Dealer Synergy and Internet Sales 20 Group.

  • Expert Blogger on

  • Through Dealer Synergy, trained 11,000 automotive professionals, 2,500 Dealer Principals and General Managers  at over 900 different dealerships in the United States and internationally.

We can’t stress enough what an amazing accomplishment this is, and on behalf of Dealer Synergy, how proud our team is of our President.  Karen has helped lead Dealer Synergy to be the company that it is today. What is even more amazing is that this is only the beginning. Karen is due to launch her video series for work/life balance training by Summer 2015. As a wife, mother of 4, and a successful businesswoman, Karen gives the true meaning to a leading woman. In the meantime, check out some of her work with the virtual training platform to teach you how to sell more cars, more often, and more profitably.

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