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I NEED your help... Please VOTE for Dealer Synergy for the 2015 Dealers Choice Awards for Best Internet Sales Training Company. We are a 3-Time winner and this year we are looking to win again but we can not do it without your vote. So, thank you in advance!! Karen Uriarte-Bradley truly appreciate your support.

Vote For Dealer Synergy For The 2015 Dealers' Choice Awards - Internet Sales Training Company

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Sean V. Bradley Introduces Chris Sondesky, The New Vice President of Dealer Synergy - Car Sales

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If you are looking for an exciting career in the automotive industry. RK Chevy in Vineland, New Jersey is hiring for numerous positions:
Internet Sales Coordinators,BDC Reps, Showroom Sales Consultants. Please call if you are interested or if you know someone that would be perfect for these positions. RK Chevy knows 92-99% of Americans go online to shop, so the internet sales department is getting built up to be HUGE.Start your new career today!

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Joe Cala is a specialist in motivation, positivity and sales strategies in the automotive industry. Joe is the General Manager of Dealer Synergy and has a total of 14 years in the automotive industry, holding positions from Sales Person to Used Car Manager, New Car Manager to Internet Sales Manager, and eventually Internet Director.

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Learn about the "Beginning of the Month Mentality" with Joe Cala-Make Money Mondays

CEO of Dealer Synergy, Sean V. Bradley normally does Make Money Mondays every Monday providing excellent tips for people in the automotive industry. This week is a special edition because it features Joe Cala, the General Manager of Dealer Synergy. In this episode Joe Cala talks about the beginning of the month mentality. WHen you begin a new month, people begin to fall back, and it's important to shift your mentality, so at the beginning of the month you think about things different. You must focus on the entire month FIRST. Think about What is going on in the community, what is happening around you, what holidays are coming up, etc. Remember, the end of the month takes car of itself, so you need to put extra effort into the beginning of the month!

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General Manager of Dealer Synergy, Joe Cala helps you isolate objections. You can't work on monthly payments, go back and do something else etc. You need to specifically isolate what the customer needs when it comes to selling a car. You can do this by saying "other than that" is there anything else holding you back from getting this vehicle. Watch the video to learn exactly how this process works.

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