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CEO of Dealer Synergy, Sean V. Bradley, shows you how your actions lead to rewards or consequences. The number of ups you take has a direct impact on the number of cars you sell. If you up 80 people, you'll sell 20 cars. When you up more people, you will sell more cars. Conversely, when you don't create enough leads and up enough customers, you will not sell enough cars. Check out this edition of Make Money Mondays now and enjoy the automotive tips!

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Using Shareable Video Resources as a Branding Tool

I absolutely love the video below. It isn't that it's so useful that people will love it; as used car buying tips go, it's rather light on real zingers or anything outside of common knowledge. It isn't the production quality; this is a well-made video, but nothing outstanding compared to other motion graphics.

The thing that makes this video stand out is that it's a branding and marketing machine that will keep on giving for years to come. First, it's very sharable. It's not quite good enough to be a viral video, but it will do its job and get some views. Second, it's a search engine golden ticket. It will be visible on searches for terms like "buying a used car" and "used car buying tips" and will stay visible for a long time.

Finally, it's a strong branding message that has very little to do with the brand itself. It's loosely related, of course, but the relationship is not a part of the story. The company will reap the benefits of being found by new people for a long time.

Here's the video itself:

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Truck buying tips

While buying trucks from the market, it is recommended that you get second hand trucks. You should take good note of the serial number of the truck and then you should get in touch with the truck manufacturer in order to confirm that seller is registered keeper. This should be done before you go ahead and purchase it. manufacturer should have database regarding the details of registered owners and this will help in reducing any theft. Manufacturer might have informed by police or original owner if trailer gets stolen.

While driving the truck on the road; it is recommended that the truck shouldn’t be overloaded. It will effect the driving experience and you won’t be comfortable in driving it for long distances. There are specific limits about how much you should load up the truck and you should adhere to these rules while loading up the truck. If you go beyond this limit; then you are breaking the legal law and hence you might get in trouble later. Also, the safety of the other vehicles on the roads will get affected due to this.

While buying the truck, you should check the re sale value of the truck. If you are going to exchange or sell the truck in the future then this will help you in the future. You should take a note of the re-sale value and depreciation before you go ahead and purchase the trailer. Finally, customer support and warranty too is important. All this should be included while you buy the truck.

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Johnstown Used Cars

To sell Johnstown Used Cars you are competing with a great number of negative regional factors.

1. Numerous direct Johnstown Used Car competitors (like a big city)
2. Small Town Price Haggling Mentality
3. Johnstown Used Car dealers have a bad reputation with public
4. We moved Locations which has endangered us of losing some customer base and being seen as the newcomers in our new location

How do you combat things like this in such a short period of time that they become as least costly as possible?

We have successfully been competing in this market because of a few great advantages that we offer. As a part of the Thomas Automotive Family we've been in business for over 100 years, everyday improving for the car consumer. We offer the best in programs for our consumer. Programs like our 4+ year warranty reimbursement, where you can buy a used car extended warranty that is 4 years or more and if you never need it we will refund you the value of the warranty.

Another program is our No Pressure Sales Environment. Changing the public outlook on the car industry is no easy task but this great program takes on that challenge. Involved in this program is the fact that we pay our sales people a salary, so they don't feel the need to pressure our customers into buying a car that doesn't fit their needs just to make ends meet. Inside this program is built in our No Haggle, Market Pricing. We give you the best deal upfront so there is no need for the consumer to argue with another adult over what is fair.

The Thomas Rewards Card program is a loyalty program that is very popular with our consumer. We give you 10% back on every dollar you spend at our dealership. For example, keep bringing your car to be serviced at our dealership and build up your rewards dollar value up to $500 then just take that off the price of your next new or used vehicle. What a great deal!

Finally, and our favorite, is that we give back to the community here at Thomas Team Honda. We give to many charities and even have charity car cruises that help children and families in our area. We extended our hand to the less fortunate in our community and we hope that this type of business sense expands around the area.

Let us know if there is more we could be doing as, like I said, we strive everyday to get better. We'd love to hear from you. Visit our website hyperlinked at the top of this post or just give me an email at
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Every year, people start lining up on Wednesday to take advantage of $3 appliances and $1DVDs, 80% off electronics and deeply discounted appliances. I know that I comb the mail Sunday, looking for deals that can't-be-beat. If you plan on playing the Black Friday game and don't utilize direct mail, you are missing out. It gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your deals and your merchandise; don't worry about being lost in the crowd. Focus on designing a unique piece and your mailer can be the difference between boom or bust. Check out to further understand why mailers are so critical to Black Friday success; these blogs are scanning in your mailer for people so that they know what your deal is. No mailer = no awareness. However, in times where information flows freely, your mailer has an even bigger impact than the audience you targeted. It's just another example of direct mail's added value.

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