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My Activities Manager made me a Braille Note that read, "Happy Friday"; it brought me joy.

Today, focus inside on joy. Feel joy. See yourself in joy. As you connect to the joy inside you more often, your whole world will shift to reflect that joy. You will attract people, circumstances and events to deliver joy to you - because you are magnetizing joy.


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If your thoughts contain noticing "you do not have it yet", you will continue to attract "not having it yet". You must believe you have it already. You must believe you have received it. You have to emit the feeling frequency of having received it, to bring those pictures back as your life. When you do that, the law of attraction will powerfully move all circumstances, people, and events for you to receive.

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The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn.
Alvin Toffler
The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The more that learn to read, the less learn how to make a living. That's one thing about a little education. It spoils you for actual work. The more you know, the more you think somebody owes you a living.
Will Rogers
The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.
Robert M. Hutchins
The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.
Carl Rogers

You can change the numbers to fit your departments' expectations, however, here's an example of an email sent to coordinators by their great director in the morning

Minimum Phone Calls Per ISC/hr: 15+
Minimum Emails Per ISC/hr: 15+
Hint of the Day: Be disciplined today. Do not settle for less. Hustle hard.


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Sometimes the toughest decisions in life are not the ones that directly benefit you, but rather, the ones that benefit others. I'm talking about generosity. Generosity doesn't always have to involve money; it could be your time or your wisdom in a field in which you are an expert.
Give your prospects of your wisdom, and they will ultimately give you their most prized posessions; which are for most individuals, their time, and their money.

"Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.”
– Albert Schweitzer

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One-on-One with LA

Did my first "One-on-One" phone training with LA Williams today and it's safe to say I'm hooked! It was nice to be the focus and have all of my questions/concerns answered without any distractions. I've always enjoyed LA's technique because it sounds so genuine yet effortless. His ability to connect with customers, people he's never even met before, blows my mind. Thanks for the motivation LA, I really appreciate it!

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Gold Metal Phone Sales

Are you watching the Olympics?

Some very compelling story lines and great competitions. I'm always inspired by these athletes who have put in hours and hours to reach that level of excellence.

Sometimes when I watch with friends or family, I find myself distracted from the message by the comical comments people make concerning the appearance of the people. I think it must be natural. you've probably even done it.

"What's up with that dood's hair?"

"There's no way he was an Olympic athlete."

"Why does one eyebrow move up and not the other?"

"She look like she stank."

"Didn't she look in the mirror after she put THAT on?"

My take on this, and the sales message for us is that the PERSON behind the words-- their delivery and appearance-- makes a huge difference in how the message is interpreted.

I'm probably not going out on too much of a limb here by stating that you probably sell a pretty good product or service. But unless it sells itself, YOU play a major role in how it is perceived when you're on the phone talking about it. The better YOU are, the more you sell. The common sense and the obvious are tough to be improved upon.

Some people believe that communicating on the phone is a disadvantage because listeners can't see us. I believe that actually is an advantage... you don't need to worry about physical appearance. On the phone, it all relies on what they hear. That's why to be your best you need to work on it. Here are some ideas.

GET RID OF THE NONWORDS I find some people have this nasty habit to a very severe degree. When a listener counts how many times they hear "um" instead of focusing on the message you know there's a problem. The persuasive speakers, on the other hand, don't use these filler sounds, or at least their use is minimal.

Action Item: Susan Berkley, author of Voice Shaping, suggests that the first step to the cure is identifying the enemy. Record yourself and count how many fillers you use. Once you're aware of your most common non-words, consciously replace them with pauses.

You can also control the nonword habit by getting your spouse or friend or cubicle-neighbor to say "bingo" or some other code word every time you use a nonword. By the way, this also applies to habits such as "you know," "like," "I mean," and anything else you use way too often.

ENUNCIATE! A guest on The O'Reilly Factor mumbled so much I had to turn the volume WAY UP so I could try to make out what he said. If I didn't care about what he was saying, I wouldn't have worked so hard. And your listeners might not work that hard for you.

Action Item: Read this several times- "If, I, Place, an, invisible, comma, after, each, word, and, an, invisible, semicolon; after, some, words, my, speech, has, presence." This forces you to enunciate.

Action Item 2: Practice tongue twisters to articulate clearly. Recite this one now, several times while picking up speed each time: "Frank phoned four pharmaceutical factories feeling fresh and fulfilled."

GET UP TO SPEED The more persuasive of the talking heads during interviews make their talking points quickly and don't mince words. We all can learn from that. After all, why use 100 words when 50 could make the same point? And don't speak at 33 RPM's when your listeners are at 78. (You won't get that reference if you don't know what record players are.)

In the book, "Smart Speaking, " Laurie Schloff and Marcia Yudkin say that when you speak too slowly you could be perceived as boring, tried, or less intelligent than you actually are.

Action Item: Practice getting to your point more quickly. Ask yourself a question you get during calls. Use stopwatch and give yourself 45 seconds to answer. Then cut it to 30, then 20. Tape your response and refine your answer content and delivery.

FINISH WITH STRENGTH Professional speaker and presentation coach and trainer Marjorie Brody cautions against letting your voice rise at the end of a sentence.

In her book, "Speaking your Way to the Top," she suggests recording yourself. If you notice your voice rising at the end of a sentence it sounds as though you are asking a question, are tentative, or are a junior-high girl. If you tend to swallow your last few words, that reduces the impact of what you're saying.

Action Item: Practice finishing sentences completely and drop your pitch slightly while keeping the volume strong.

The interest that others have in your message is largely controlled by YOU and your delivery. Strive to reach Olympic-level performance. When you do, you'll sell more cars, more profitably, more often.

Thank You

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Everyone Knows that Dealer Synergy's Chief Trainer is LA Williams and LA, is blind. S, when I saw this article my first thought was how this could benefit him AND our Dealer Community. You see, what has been amazing is that LA does such a tremendous job that a lot of our dealership network have actually went out and recruited BLIND employees! Yes, thats right we have dealerships that have Blind or Visually Impaired Automotive Internet Sales, BDC, Call Center staff members.  

Here is the article I saw and wanted to share with you all - 

Android App Makes Smartphones Accessible for the Blind 

When someone buys their first smartphone, the first question is usually, what apps should I get? Apps are part of what make our phones so valuable to us, from getting directions to finding a place nearby to eat, to keeping track of various items when we travel.

And now, thanks to a man who is visually-impaired himself, there’s an Android app that will turn a regular smartphone into a powerful tool for the blind.

Roger Wilson-Hinds, director and co-founder of Screenreader, built the app, called Georgie, specifically to help blind users navigate day-to-day obstacles like catching a bus, reading printed text and knowing exactly where they are at all times.

“It’s the first smartphone that’s been designed for blind people by blind people,” he said. And he should know, he just recently sent his very first text message.

Users can buy an Android smartphone pre-loaded with the Georgie software from Sight and Sound Technology, which provides hardware and software solutions for the blind. If they already own an Android phone, they can buy the app from the Google Play store and install it themselves.

SEE ALSO: Blind Man Goes Behind the Wheel of Google’s Driverless Car

Georgie uses fingers and gestures to let users navigate the software, just like you do normally. However, with Georgie, you hold your finger down, wait for a beep and hear the function you’re touching read out loud, whether it’s to make a call, send a text, or determine your location. Georgie makes extensive use of voice control software.

“Georgie is a suite of applications designed to cater for every single part of a visually-impaired person’s life,” says Glenn Tookey, CEO of Sight and Sound Technology, which distributes the software.

Users can purchase and download additional apps that provide more functions. The lifestyle app pack, for instance, offers newspapers that read aloud, and an online blog that lets you post using voice control. The Travel app has a feature that flags nearby points of interest as well as a sort of bus monitor that will verbally let you know when the next bus is due.

Wilson-Hinds, who named the software after his blind wife’s first seeing-eye dog, says Georgie will “totally change the lives of blind and partially-sighted people all over the world.”

The world, soon, as Georgie is branching out beyond the UK. US Android users can find the link in the Google Play store here. Sight and Sound Technology is currently working with distributors to offer Georgie pre-installed on handsets in the US.

Here’s a video so you can see for yourself how Georgie works:

What are other ways technology is allowing people with disabilities to gain more independence? Is Georgie something you would buy for someone you know?

Source -

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It is often said by the learned in the marketing field, that customers are not solely price motivated.  This can be proven every day of the year, when people all around the world go to something we call “Convenience stores.”  Think about it, when you're driving in your car, and that yellow light appears in your dash next to the red E, what do you find attached to nearly any gas station? ...Not a penny candy store.  Furthermore, 7-Eleven…doesn’t have the best priced anything, but people still continue to flock to the establishment 24-7.  I only say these things to help you understand the point…that (to 80% of people) price isn’t everything.  I hope you are following me. 

I don’t know about you, but I like to make money.  Most business owners feel the same way as I.  We can’t make money on a consistent basis if we constantly give our products away below market value.  In our industry, we have one of two choices.  We can either discount the vehicle, or build value in our 4Ps.  (More on the 4Ps later.)  I will admit that it is much easier to just go ahead and discount stuff, but to BUILD?  Oh No! …That takes work!  However, look at it this way; discount = less, value = more…are we motivated to benefit from the ease of less or the value of more? 

Let's continue by discussing the term motivation.  It is a process that elicits, controls, and sustains certain behaviors.  Let’s begin with the end in mind…What is the behavior I’d like to elicit and sustain?  Why... the purchasing of vehicles by potential customers of course.  Wouldn’t it make sense to put a controlled process in place to create this behavior?  Retail Businesses do it all the time.  I got a coupon from Sears the other day for 10-50% off…I MIGHT use it IF it’s CONVENIENT for me…IF I need something from them in the time allotted.  It is safe to say, that I am slightly motivated to shop at Sears when they want me to shop there.  They have something in place to motivate/control my behavior.

Now…we could structure a deal with our customers for 10-50% off of vehicles, and still only experience a 20% increase in business.  Another option is to sponsor a “BuildACar” campaign, or a “Onsite delivery to anywhere in the continental United States” promotion…and savor an altogether different business increase.  What is the draw of a Car Show?  Your dealership could host one once a quarter to boost sales another 20% because of the tactical information available to your customers.

All these are motivators:

  1. Build a car = Availability.
  2. Onsite Delivery = Convenience.
  3. A Car Show = Research.

And if your internet customers hate car salesman, then I suggest you change the way you do business…you can find three very easily executable proposals to do just such above.

 This article actually was stimulated by a whole’nother thought/idea, nevertheless; creative thought bloomed.  I sincerely hope that the words here are exercising your right brain as well…motivating you to sell more cars, more profitably, more often.

(Was that a stretch?)

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Behind The Scenes


Have you ever watched a “Behind the Scenes” TV show or DVD chapter?  Ever seek to find what goes on in a studio, in a locker room, or in the white house during a closed door session?  Sure you have.  We all do because the analytical parts of our human brain want to know how things work.  Today I want to talk to you about how I…as a national phone trainer…was developed.


My name is L.A. Williams and I am a long time music producer and certified engineer.  All day and night I help singers, song writers, poets, instrumentalists … people with making themselves sound great!; whether live or recorded.  I gave them countless ideas, suggestions and examples of what they needed to sound like to be successful and to make the money they wanted to make.  The founder of Dealer Synergy (Sean Bradley) approached me with the idea of, “I want to do the same for our industries internet coordinators.”


To add to my credibility, Sean denotes that I am visually impaired, therefore audio is my world.  We agree that if I can train pop artists on how to sound good in the studio, then I can definitely train willing internet coordinators on how to sound great on the phone.


See, for blind people like me (And your phone customers), the science of communication works a little differently.  We must understand that we lose the 55% body language and other visual queues, so now that normal 38% voice inflection and 7% words we use become SO much more integral in how we need to communicate.  I can help the sighted community understand and implement strategies to assist with that. :)  Enough with all the technical jargon…let me invite you into my personal life and show you the real reason why I could be the best individual to coach your internet coordinators.


As a visually impaired gentleman, I never really fancied going out and meeting females.  I was sure I could charm them and all, but I felt unequivocally that my strength was my smooth, deep, richly textured voice.  I knew that I had great conversational skills and would meet lots of women on chat lines.  Follow me now, the whole purpose of talking on the phone with these ladies was to get a face to face meeting.  I engaged them in great conversation, I was patient and allowed them to talk and express themselves, I answered their questions and gave them a great value package proposition.  By the time we met in person, the deal was already done, I just had to not mess it up.  That’s the power awesome internet coordinators hold.


As internet coordinators we must understand, that our job is not to cell cars over the phone.  We are not directly in the product business.  We are however in the business of selling appointments to meet our establishment.  The comedian Chris Rock says “When you meet a person, you don’t really meet them…you meet their representative.”  Let’s all make sure that we’re being great phone representatives of our dealerships.


Another saying, “You Never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Effective phone skills are essential to creating a positive first impression  which sets the tone for the rest of the customer’s interaction with our organization.  A telephone call is often your customer’s first impression of your organization.  Don’t leave it to chance!  Implement an effective phone process from Dealer Synergy and sell more cars more profitably more often!

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