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Most Up To Date Statistics State That Car Dealerships Need A Video Strategy - 2015 Video Is The Most Powerful Tool For A Car Dealership. A dealership or dealer group can utterly crush the competition and have an unfair advantage in their market by having a video strategy. This video has the most up to date video statistics. Most businesses do not have a video strategy. Here are the areas that a dealership needs to focus on for video: - Video Search Engine Optimization - Video Emails - Video Conferencing - Video for Website(s) - Video for Social Media - Comparison Videos - How to videos - Videos for CRM - and so much more!

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Meet Jeff Cormier, the "6 Million Dollar Car Salesman". Jeff is a Car Salesman at Liberty Ford in Ohio and just recently lost his 6 year old son, Xander. I found out about his situation on Facebook. I was rocked by his story and donated to his GoFundMe account (The original one) but I couldn't get him out of my head. My heart just broke for this man and his family and I wanted to do something more... So, I reached out to Jeff and started to mention him, guild him, train him in Car Sales. I know for the rest of his life he is going to have to deal with the reality of life without his son. That is hard enough, money should NOT be a concern. I didn't want him to struggle or worry about money. I wanted to teach him how to be a massive success in Car Sales. I wanted to teach him how he can build his own business from scratch and really make being a Car Salesman like he is running his own business! 

So, I enlisted some of my friends in the industry that happen to be publicly traded companies, 100 million dollar companies and even billion dollar companies. These vendors were AMAZING! They provided products and services to Jeff that are going to help take his business to the next level! 

Jeff is being set up with MORE products and services than the average dealership! This is truly amazing to watch. Take a look at the full list of vendors that are going above and beyond! 

Register for the Internet Sales 20 group 8 #IS20G #New Orleans to meet the "6 Million Dollar Car Salesman"

Here is the link to the DealerElite post that I did earlier...

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Dealers, tune into Auto Dealer Live this Thursday, November 12th. It starts at 2:00 BUT... I go on at 3:30pm Eastern. I will be discussing a VERY special project that has NEVER EVER been done in the Automotive Sales industry. we are creating the "Six Million Dollar Car Salesman" (You ever seen that TV Show "6 Million Dollar Man"... EXACTLY! This Car Salesman is going to be like a "Cyborg". You have to tune in to find out the details!
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Jim Ziegler's Secret Tips On Avoiding The #1 Mistake Car Salesman Make That Blows Deals & Lowers Gross

Dealer Synergys Video Production Team just completed James A. Zieglers BRAND NEW Training Curriculum for Bradley On Demand. Jim is going to have his complete training system available for you all very soon. Jim's "Alpha Dawg" Channel with cover Showroom Sales (Including the "road to the sale" of course), Sales Management and Full Blown F&I. Karen Uriarte-Bradley and I are very proud and excited to have Jim on Bradley on Demand!
For more information, go to or call me on my cell 267-319-6776

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10 Things You Can Do To Double Your Car Dealership Sales - Automotive Sales Manager Training

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Sales Managers, Show Your Sales Team "How To Sell 30+ Units & Make OVer $125,000"!

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Don’t you feel like the Internet disrupted a perfectly good way of doing business?

If not, you’re one of the lucky ones. There are so many dealerships that are struggling to find the best approach to building their business online and dominating the market.

On top of that, the internet appears to have caused everyone to suffer from attention deficit. When online users want something, they want it fast and concise. They don’t want to search a million and one different sources to find the information that they’re looking for.

But amidst the clutter, there is a simple business principle that has stood the test of time and transferred online. In fact, the dealerships that utilize this business principle are enjoying incredible success doing business on the web.

The principle is perfectly described in the acronym B.R.T.

Any ideas?


Doing things that will help facilitate the building of trusting relationships between you and your audience has always made the difference in any type of business. When you consider that marketing is about conveying the right message, to the right audience at the right time and in the right tone, the whole objective is to build a relationship of trust - a relationship that lasts.

Taking steps to BRT online will compel your online visitors to take action and visit you in person or pick up the phone and call you.

So what are some things you can do to BRT online?


1. You will never go wrong with content

Automotive consumers are thirsting for information. Everyday there are millions of them that go online to research your products and services. Google has indicated that 70% of people that research vehicles online involve heavy cross-shopping.

Alas, most dealer websites do not include enough content to help shape the consumers purchase decision. BUT taking the time to build a content strategy for you dealership including the topics that your consumers are interested in is a surefire way to earn their loyalty and trust.


2. Behind the scenes video

Video provides a massive opportunity to show your audience the aspects of your business that they wouldn’t normally get to see. Most of the time when we talk about video in the industry, it usually has to do with showing off the inventory, but imagine how powerful a virtual tour video of your dealership could be in helping your online visitors break the ice and feel comfortable with your dealership before they even come to visit in person.

Another great video to create would be on your staff page. Wouldn’t it be cool for your entire team to create a short 30 second to 1 minute video introducing themselves and inviting you to visit the dealership with a smile? When your visitors feel familiar with the faces that they will see inside the dealership, it helps alleviate any pressure that they may feel walking onto the lot.


3. Make sure your vehicle information is complete

It’s surprising just how many dealer websites I visit to this day that still have missing or incomplete vehicle information. If you want to build trust with your online visitors, provide them the information about your vehicles that they came to see. Make sure each vehicle has the right pricing and incentive information. Make sure there are enough photos and videos.

Certainly there are many more things that you can do to BRT online, but these three are simple solutions that you can start doing right now. If you checked out Subi’s last post, you’ll notice that she emphasizes the importance of application. You’re going to hear about this topic as well on an upcoming episode of The Dealer Playbook podcast, because it’s so true. Start BRT-ing online by applying the principles that I’ve mentioned in this article.

You’re turn. What are you doing online that has helped build relationships of trust? Chime in using the comments below.


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