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Make Money Mondays With Sean V. Bradley - "Voicemails" Are IMPERATIVE For Phone Sales Success

Automotive "Internet Sales" is predominantly a PHONE SALE. Thats right almost every single Internet lead / prospect escalates to a phone sale. Very few Internet leads stay sole "internet" or "email".

And everyone knows that the HARDEST part of Internet Sales or BDC success is simply getting the prospect on the phone. The majority of what Internet or Business Development departments do is phone call and leave voice mail messages. So, if that is the case, then dealers need to really get great at leaving voice mails. 

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Make Money Mondays With Sean V. Bradley - Special Guest, Joe Cala - Better, Not Bigger

This is truly a "Special Edition" of make money mondays! This week's episode is of a great friend of the Bradleys... Joe Cala. Joe has over 11 years of Automotive Sales and Management experience. Has been part of two nationally successful Internet Sales departments. And Joe is currently an Autotrader rep! 

You have to watch this video!!

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Make Money Mondays With Sean V. Bradley - "Twitter Jacking"

You will be shocked to find out that you can convert your competition's clients and prospects to yours by "Twitter Jacking". Thats right you can use Twitter to sell cars! 

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