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Best Selling Author, Dr. Willie Jolley Will be The Keynote Speaker For The 5th National Internet Sales 20 Group In Atlantic City, NJ April 8th -10th

Folks, you DO NOT want to miss the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group! We have an ALL STAR Line-Up of Speakers, Trainers & Experts! ( We are updating the roster of speakers as well as the event schedule. Please book mark the page and check back to see updates. 

About Dr. Willie Jolley...

The Attitude and Achievement Expert

"Helping People Worldwide To Do More,  Be More and Achieve More!

  • Named "One of the Outstanding 5 Speakers in the World" - Toastmasters International
  • Success Magazine Says That Willie Jolley was Ford Motor Company's "Secret Weapon" 
  • Dr. Willie Jolley was instrumental to Ford's MAJOR Comeback and part reason why they didn't take a Bail Out! 
  • "The #1 Inspirational & Motivational Speaker-Singer in America!" - The Business Ad Hoc Committee
  • "Inspirational / Motivational Speaker of the Year" - 175,000 Members of Toastmasters International
  • Has his own Radio Show on Sirius Satellite Radio 
  • Hall of Fame Speaker, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Singer and Media Personality...who holds a  Doctoral Degree in Achievement!

If you would like MORE information on this event or if you would like to REGISTER for this event BEFORE we sell out, please call me on my cell phone at 267-319-6776. 

*** This event will SELL OUT, there is no doubt. So please register early. This is the event of the year! 

Here is a SNEAK PEak inside the #IS20G Event! 

And just in case you were possibly thinking about the Digital Dealer Event. Please watch this video: 

And here are a couple Dealer Principals / General Manager Reviews: 

(MAJOR KIA Dealership in Pennsylvania… Delivers 200+ Units per month and 75% from the BDC)

General Manager of MAJOR Honda Dealership in Ohio…

General Manager of Greg Lair Buick GMC in Texas

(Indépendant Dealer)

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Turn a Mistake into a Masterpiece

In today's marketplace, I submit that it is no longer acceptable to merely satisfy our customers and employees.  That statement is not ground-breaking, we've all heard it.  In most cases, providing what I call "Ridiculous" Service does not come naturally.  As a matter of fact, it's quite un-natural.  We create habits even when it comes to serving.  If we are going to blow our customer's faces off, we have to stop and think.  We have to first identify what it takes to satisfy them, and then we need to seek a way to go further.  We have to say. "In addition to ___, would you allow me to ___?"  Customers understand that it is not a matter of 'if' you blow it, they just want to know that 'when' you do, you are going to respond in a big way.  Our mistakes need to be viewed as opportunities to rescue and delight our customers.  When you do this, don't keep it a secret.  Shout it from the mountaintops!  THIS is what keeps them coming back and becoming an advocate for your business.

We have to learn how to neutralize negative experiences by responding quickly and with some creativity.  The image that I have attached to this article is an example of how an absolute bonehead move turned into a great story.  We left off $1500 worth of incentives on a customer's paperwork.  When the error was detected, we had a decision to make.  First,  I guess we could have just kept quiet.  When I have to resort to this kind of thievery to get by, I'll fire myself, grow a long beard and play my ukulele on the street corner. Secondly, we could have dropped the check in the mail with a sticky note that read "oops".  Instead, we decided to proclaim our greatness.  How would I feel if I unexpectedly received $1500 in the mail exactly one month before Christmas?  Let's turn this financial faux pas into a marketing masterpiece.  Make no mistake, I have no doubt that anyone reading this would return money that belongs to the customer.  The difference is HOW we returned it.   Did you notice the playful language of the letter?  When did we stop having fun at work?  We do these types of fun things on ANY situation in which we owe customers money.  Do you want to blow someone's mind?  Send them $125 explaining that you were able to secure a little extra on their trade in from last month.  Try to buy that kind of advertising for $125.  I dare you. The point here is that we seek out an opportunities to set ourselves apart.

The budget on this marketing campaign was whatever the letterhead, envelope, and stamp cost.  Under a buck, I suppose.  Oh yeah, about two minutes of my precious time.

If you'll notice, I grabbed a really old letterhead that still had the Pontiac logo on it.  See, when your heart in is the right place, little mistakes don't matter that much.

Who's your Danny?

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“I’m Waiting For My Tax Return” Rebuttal

“I’m Waiting For My Tax Return” Rebuttal

Customer on the showroom while working a deal:

Customer: We're going to wait until we get our tax return?

Dealer Synergy Partner: I understand. So based off of your experience today, would this be the vehicle you're considering to purchase after you receive your return? 

Customer: Yes it is.

Dealer Synergy Partner: And based on the numbers we were able to work out, will this vehicle fit your budget as we discussed?

Customer: Yes it does.

Dealer Synergy Partner: So other than wanting to wait to receive your tax return, is there anything else holding you back from making a decision to move forward with the purchase of this vehicle today?

Customer: No, we just want to wait until we get our return so we can use some of if not all of the money towards this purchase.

Dealer Synergy Partner: I understand. So were you thinking you’d put all of it down or a portion of it towards the vehicle?

Customer: We’re not really sure yet, but when we see how much we’re going to get we want to look everything over to decide.

Dealer Synergy Partner: That makes total sense to me. So if I was able to help you not only keep some of your tax return & maybe even all of it to use towards anything else other than this purchase, and still keep this purchase affordable to your budget, would it be safe to say you’d like to move forward with the purchase of your new vehicle?

Customer on the phone not wanting to come in:

Dealer Synergy Partner: What will be the best time for you to come in today, the afternoon or evening?

Customer: We're going to wait until we get our tax returns.

Dealer Synergy Partner: I understand. So in waiting, what would be the difference between if you came in now versus waiting till after you receive your tax return?

Customer: We just want to wait until we get our return so we can use some of it if not all of the money towards this purchase.

Dealer Synergy Partner: That makes total sense to me. So if I was able to help you not only keep some of your tax return & maybe even all of it to use towards anything else other than this purchase, and still keep this purchase affordable to your budget, the money is better in your pocket then it is ours, wouldn’t you agree?

Customer: Absolutely!

Dealer Synergy Partner: So then would this afternoon or evening work best for you come in and receive your maximum savings?

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AutoUSA recently completed its 2013 auto dealer Internet Marketing survey, in which we asked "What is the most common sales objection you are hearing from customers?" We summarized results from 147 respondents, including Internet sales managers, sales managers, BDC managers, marketing managers and senior management.

According to our survey, these are the most common sales objections:

  • Our price not in line with customer expectations (28%)
  • Customer can't get financing (19%)
  • Consumer confidence with economy (14%)
  • Customer can't afford a new vehicle (12%)
  • Customer doesn't have time/too busy (10%)
  • Dealership didn't have desired model available (5%)
  • Customer didn't like dealership sales process (1%)

When we include other answers such as "customer wanted price before coming in," "need to talk to husband/wife," "not offering enough money for trade-in," it’s evident that affordability and pricing are key to the decision-making process. So how can we deal with affordability objections?

It starts with understanding the customer’s process. Thanks to increased transparency on the Internet, and to the numerous e-commerce sites out there, today's consumer is used to being in control of the purchasing process. If we want to buy something, we use the Internet to conduct research, read product or service reviews, do some comparative price shopping and then finally, click a button. Purchase complete.

When it comes to buying a vehicle, the consumer attempts to follow this same path. For the most part, they can. There are sites that provide information in abundance, reviews of both vehicles and local dealers, and pricing guidance. When it comes to detailed affordability options, like finance or lease payments, those sites often fall short and customers either target the wrong car or seek out the dealer for answers.

You can help the consumer by giving information they can’t reliably get anywhere else. As dealers, we understand that many factors go into giving a price quote - it's not always an easy, cut-and-dry number to give. It’s OK to educate your customers on this, but you also have to give them information, and proactively at that.

On your website, include real payments using payment-quoting tools such as Payment ProSM. When you receive phone calls, answer questions about pricing directly and be prepared to follow up with key questions that will help you shape the conversation and identify if the customer is on the right vehicle. In the showroom and on the lot, don’t be afraid to have conversations about payment ranges or even post them on cars.

Today's consumer feels entitled to information. If you can help the customer find the information they are looking for instead of stonewalling them, you build trust. And trust is the key to overcoming objections and gaining the sale.

I'd like to hear from Internet sales managers and sales managers. What are the most common objections you are hearing, and how do you overcome these objections? What has worked and what hasn't?


Come visit us at booth # 3514 at NADA and ask for a demo of Payment Pro!

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Sean V. Bradley Is Speaking & Dealer Synergy Is Exhibiting (At Booth #4401) at the 2014 NADA Convention in New Orleans

Lets connect at #NADA2014 in #NewOrleans I will be a #Convention #Speaker and Dealer Synergy will be exhibiting at booth #4401
We will have SPECIAL Guests at our booth like James A. Ziegler Debbie Ziegler Peter Martin Danny Alkassmi as well as some Dealer Synergy Team Members like Joe Cala Chary Rodriguez & of course our President, Karen Uriarte-Bradley
We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!!

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Unless you were trapped under a full-size SUV in 2013, you've heard by now that your vehicle detail pages (VDPs) play a critical role along a customer’s path to purchase. The experience a visitor has on a VDP can go a long way toward 

making or breaking the potential connection a shopper feels with a vehicle, and in turn, your dealership. So we set out to answer the question— What do shoppers want from your VDPs?

We studied real in-market car shoppers to determine how they engage with your inventory while researching their next purchase. We observed their shopping behavior and later asked what they expected to find while browsing your inventory. We poked, prodded, pestered and probed. All in the name of discovering what drives shopper engagement with your inventory.

The 2014 Inventory Shopping Experience Study.pdf

Read more… 856-546-2440

Your Internet Sales / Phone Sales Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success, You ALSO Need…

Your Phone Script is NOT Enough! The Script is ONLY 1/3 Of Your Success...

The 3 Parts to Phone / Internet Sales Process Mastery is:

1. Knowing The Script INSIDE And OUT...

2. Knowing the TOP 7 reasons why people are going online and at least 5 STRONG rebuttals for EACH, for a TOTAL of 35 Word Tracks...

3. Know your dealership's value package proposition. "Why Buy From Us". Not only do you need to know what is different and better about YOUR organization, you NEED to be able to passionately convey that to your prospect. You need to SELL Your Organization.

**** The Goal is to identify, meet and exceed your prospect's expectations.

The Script Identifies their wants wished and expectations...

The Words Tracks allow you to MEET their expectations...

And the Value Package Proposition Allows you to EXCEED their expectations...

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As I was talking strategy with a good friend of mine who is a GM of two rooftops we got into a discussion about which strategy is most effective in the automotive internet sales world i.e. coordinators vs. floor sales people making the calls. 

We all know that the hardest part in the Internet Dept. is getting people on the phone.  As you know you have what is called connection percentage or ratios that prove that less that 20% of the calls that are made on a daily basis actually result in getting the customer on the phone.  The day-to-day mission turns into e-mails and phone calls and some really progressive departments have implemented video e-mail. 

As I discussed into detail with the GM it really takes a dedicated person to be on the floor taking ups and having the opportunity to have Internet leads sent to him/her.  What happens unless this person is very dedicated is that he/she makes 10 phone calls in the morning if you're lucky and then an up walks through the door.  Now doing fact finding with the customer, caring the customer up, building value, presentation/demonstration, silent trade appraisal and my favorite working numbers, F&i then a through delivery and hours have passed by.  Equally relevant, while all this is going on Internet leads aren't waiting for him to get finished they're coming in while all this is happening and by the time the sales person gets back in front of the computer after taking lunch when the deal was complete his/her response time is around three hours!!  Now I haven't even mentioned the follow up month to date that should be going on during this time. 

My friend's response was the cost of having coordinators which I understand affects the bottom line.  What is interesting to me is that we'll spend $150K on advertising for the month now when the sales person sells that customer we don't split the deal or put an additional pack on the deal to help recoup the cost of advertising.  And even better yet we all know the customers that we don't sell that most of these customers are never logged into the CRM or they leave without a T.O. and if they are logged the notes read "showroom up" not detailed notes of why we couldn't put the deal together.

Having people who's job is to pound the phones all day with a experienced director there for a T.O. and/or to work numbers for the customer that want's the "best price" is the most effective strategy I have seen unless the sales people that get leads aren't allowed to take ups.  I would rather have 5 coordinators making a total of 500 calls a day versus 5 sales people barely making 100 calls per day.  The numbers don't lie the more calls you make the more people you're going to get on the phone, the more people you get on the phone the more appointments you're going to make, the more appointments you make the more people are going to show, the more people that show the more cars you're going to sell!!  Appointments sell cars....

This is Internet sales 101 however, unless there is leadership in place that understands the dynamics of a E-Commerce Dept. there will be a struggle between the owners and those that understand the basics of Internet Sales.  What's even more funny is when I asked how many appointments his sales people set per day he was angry and tells me that they don't set enough appointments and that's why they aren't selling more cars.  Duh, how can they set more appointments they're selling cars, waiting for an up and making 10-20 calls a day.  Sounds like a oxymoron to me. 

Good luck and good selling!!  

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