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Learn ‪#‎PhoneSale‬ from the the BLIND Phone Sales MASTER, L.A. Williams III at Internet Sales 20 Group 7 in NY May 18-20! LA has been blind for 30+ years and has had to live in a world with NO SIGHT… only sound, tone, inflection. In addition to being a National Phone Sales Trainer for Dealer Synergy, LA is also a very successful Music Producer. He has produced tracks for Dr. Dre, Little Wayne, Katie Perry, Karina Bradley and SCORES more. Additionally, LA has worked in Movies as well. He was even the voice for Jigsaw in one of the SAW movies! You do NOT want to miss meeting and learning from this incredible human being. He is not just a trainer, he is an inspiration. Karen Uriarte-Bradley & I consider LA FAMILY.
Sign up for ‪#‎IS20G‬ 7 in NY at

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We are super excited to announce that the #IS20G has just locked in the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge! This hotel is absolutely gorgeous! And it is 5 minutes away from New York City... right over the Bridge! 

And... The Ultra Awesome VIP Party will be in New York City!!! We are doing it BIG!!! 

So register for #IS20G 7 BEFORE Tickets SELL OUT (Again)

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Internet Sales 20 Group VIP Party Music Video "I'm On A Boat" Parody - IS20G
The Music Video "I'm On A Boat" for the Internet Sales 20 Group 6 ‪#‎Boston‬ VIP Party on a Yacht Spirit of Boston) is OFF THE HOOK! Let us know what you think and please share with everyone! Thank you to all of the attendees of ‪#‎IS20G‬ 6 and the Dealer Synergy Video Production Team. Special Thank you to Subi Fernando Ghosh and JD Rucker! Subi was the brainchild behind this Music Video!! Great Job Team!!

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Many people think it's impossible to be successful in the automotive world, but I have seen so many automotive professionals that have had tremendous levels of success. Extraordinary possibilities exist in our industry, and I want to share with you the tools and strategies that will make you more successful than you ever imagined.

At the Internet Sales 20 Group 6 Workshop in Boston this week, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, CEO of Dealer Synergy, unveiled a motivational video his team created that is sure to get you thinking about your future. Success is possible in the auto industry if you know how to work hard, use your resources and stay ahead of the game.

Sean’s been in the industry for over 15 years and has perfected the strategies you need to be successful. Over the years, he has developed tools and services that you can take advantage of in order to achieve success and inspire greatness.

Dealer Synergy: Dealer Synergy is an Award Winning Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing firm that has built the most profitable Internet Sales and Business Development departments for automotive dealerships across the United States. Armed with a training team of automotive professionals with firsthand knowledge and experience in the dealership world, as well as a top of the line technology department consisting of graphic designers, video production professionals, sound engineers and animators, digital marketing professionals and content writers, Dealer Synergy is uniquely equipped to assist your dealership with the most up-to-date, technologically advanced, training and digital marketing tools.


Bradley on Demand: Bradley On Demand is the most advanced platform for sales training, strategies and professional development. The curriculum is designed with a dual approach that focuses on personal and financial success. When your team succeeds your dealership’s bottom line increases. With this tool you will sell more cars, make more money and enhance the quality of your life.


Money Mind Mapp (MMMapp): Targeted towards Automotive Sales Professional, BDC Rep and Internet Coordinators, this desktop and mobile app was developed to help automotive professionals create and achieve their financial goals. Whether they are tracking their personal finances or managing an entire dealership, the Money Mind Mapp is uniquely designed to identify your wants and needs, create action plans, and track your success. The app works with you, making sure you meet your goals. You will never achieve success by simply stating what you want to accomplish. In order to be successful, you need to actually MAP out your plan and follow it exactly. Everyone can use a little help staying accountable. Money Mind Mapp does just that!



Sean V. Bradley, CSP has the key to success. Contact him to unlock your potential!

Call his cell at 267-319-6776 or send him an email at


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  Are you wondering why you should attend the Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston this year? This two and a half minute video will answer that question for you. Watch and see car dealers, dealer principals, general managers, Internet directors, and BDC managers explain why Internet Sales 20 Group is the most energetic, enthusiastic, interactive workshop in the automotive industry.

 Tom King, dealer principal at Brown Daub Kia says, “Twenty-five years in the car industry, and I’m trying to rack my brain to find a better experience.”

 Auto Success Magazine calls Internet Sales 20 Group “the number one workshop in the entire automotive industry.” Danny Benites, general manager at Greg Lair Buick has 28 years of experience in the automotive industry and says that the Internet Sales 20 Group is “the number one event” that he’s been to.

 You still have time to register, so what are you waiting for? Come experience this powerful, unique, and educating three-day workshop September 22-24 in Boston, MA. It’s time to get your action plans in motion!

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In the event that you somehow did not know, the Internet Sales 20 Group is an interactive workshop in the automotive industry that,is specifically designed to gather the most elite professionals in the industry. You won’t want to miss out on this three day workshop of training, instruction and enthusiasm.

 General Manager of Dealer Synergy Joe Cala, will be speaking at the Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston, MA September 22nd-24th. His workshop is titled, “the difference between information and transformation." In the automotive industry, there are handfuls of resources, from conferences, social sites, websites, and education training, to on demand training and more. Joe Cala’s workshop explains that if these resources are not properly put to use, then all we will ever have is information.

 Joe Cala will be discussing proper execution and application of training and education in order to start your transformation process. He assures that you will walk away from Internet Sales 20 Group full of new and useful information, and he will provide you with a proven formula to ensure that you can properly apply all the things you’ve learned and begin to transform.  Don’t miss your chance to begin your transformation! Register today.

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Something Big is Coming to Boston...

A special VIP event is coming to next Internet Sales 20 Group, we're not joking when we say Bigger. Better. Boston.

This year we are making our event bigger by taking it to the Spirit of Boston! This private chartered yacht will take all attendees that register for the VIP party around the harbor while they enjoy a live DJ, fully catered dinner AND a 3 1/2 hour open bar! The IS20G workshop is September 22nd-24th, but the VIP event will be on the first night, September 22nd! We provide the transportation from the hotel to the Spirit and Back to the hotel after the Networking Event.  

One catch though, we do need you to RSVP by September 18th to  Come join us as we go bigger in Boston. For more information you can visit here!. Hope to see you there!

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6 Reasons to Attend IS20G

IS20G can provides you with over 180 combined years of automotive knowledge in just 3 days of learning! The following 6 men will be sharing their secrets of success, and will be available for you to learn as much as you can.


1. Mike Udell

2. David Blassinggame

3. Danny Benitis

4. Paul Sansone Jr.

5. Ron Bauss

6. Scott Dube


We’re blown away at how fast this even is selling, you should get your tickets now and join us in Boston September 22-25! 

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And We're Live in 3 Months...

Internet Sales 20 Group happens in just 3 months! Get Ready to go Bigger, Better, and more Boston than ever before. Prepare yourself to experience a workshop like none other!

  • We've redesigned our website -
  • We've offered an Early Bird Rate- EventBrite
  • We've Partnered with MSADA
  • There is a special Toyota OEM Deal for Toyota Dealers in the Boston Region!

We've done a lot, now it's your turn to sign up and take ownership in your future!

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Success is a fascinating thing because every individual on the planet has their own definition of the word.

The dictionary defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome”

This is SO genius because it means that, not only can everyone have their own definition, but that THERE IS ENOUGH SUCCESS TO GO AROUND!

For some people, success is having the necessities…

For others, it’s making loads upon loads of money…

BUT, no matter what your definition of the word is, there is something that so many people miss out on when pursuing success.

Any idea what it is?

Have you ever heard that saying, “Success Breeds Success”? 

Believe it or not, there is something so powerful about rubbing shoulders with highly successful people.

How do you know who's truly successful though? The best way for you to know if they’re successful is to ask yourself two simple questions:

1.) Are they the type of person that you hope to be (character traits, qualities etc.) and, 

2.) Do they have the things that you want to have? (Could be material objects, status, expertise etc.)

When you find someone that you can answer ‘yes’ to those two questions, do whatever you can to be apart of their circle.

You see, when you rub shoulders with successful people (the people that are who you aim to become), there are natural born opportunities that arise from your mere association with them.

One of the best ways that I know of to be in the presence of successful people is to attend as many workshops and conferences as you can. Where else do you get the opportunity to be in the same room with these successful people, have lunch with them and ask them questions?

There are approximately 17,000+ dealerships in the United States today. Including every employee, how many people work in the retail car business? LOTS! …

Yet, there are very few who attend conferences. 

There is no question that these conferences come with a price tag, but you absolutely, 100% CANNOT let the price of success, cost you your success.

Listen, I am not involved with any particular conference for financial gain. I have just come to learn that if you want to be successful, you need to get connected with other like-minded, successful individuals and I don’t know any other better place than at the plethora of workshops and conferences going around. 

One of the next ones you can see me at will be the Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston this coming September.

Supercharge the achievement of your personal definition of success. Start rubbing shoulders with successful people. 

Have questions? Hook me up in the comments below.

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Are your posts fresh or recycled

Be sure to check out the Internet Sales 20 Group in November to learn more about this topic...

Look, I get it. I understand that it’s hard for vendors and OEMs to produce a social media solution for their dealers that scales properly while still bringing in good content. I do not, however, understand the concept of not even trying to mix things up. There’s an easy road and a hard road for automotive social media, but there’s also the right road, the one that scales properly while still maintaining individuality and creativity at the core of the service.

I know this for a fact. I’ve developed it.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard, either. It took some time, plenty of planning, a ton of testing, and an unyielding principle to do for clients what I would want done if I were at a dealership, but the results have been astounding (beyond my own expectations) and the effort is exactly as it should be – enough to make a strategy that helps dealers sell more cars but not so much that it become cost prohibitive. Every dealer and vendor should examine what they’re doing in social media and decide whether or not it’s worth risking your dealership’s reputation by reposting content from someone else.

Keep in mind, sharing is perfectly acceptable. If you see something on a different Facebook page that your audience will enjoy, share it! Don’t do it too often – it’s not algorithmically viable to have shared content filling your page – but it’s better than grabbing it and reposting it. What’s worse is to grab it and repost it on a bunch of other dealers’ pages as well.

I first noticed this during the Toyota Corolla launch a couple of weeks ago. We posted an image of the new Corolla and it did very well for our client. Minutes later, it was posted again. And again. And again. There’s no telling how many Toyota dealers had the same content posted almost simultaneously, but it wasn’t a case of imitation being the best for of flattery. It was ridiculous, but I let it go. Maybe someone was in a hurry. Maybe our post was just that compelling and needed to be shared. I didn’t think it was a standard practice, but now I know differently.

You deserve better. Your content should be unique regardless of how widespread your marketing company is. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, it’s scalable and extremely effective to post 100% unique content on Facebook for hundreds, even thousands of clients. It’s not acceptable to take shortcuts for the sake of a vendor’s bottom line. It shouldn’t be this way. There’s way too much potential with social media done the right way to allow laziness or cost savings to supersede a client’s needs.

That’s it. Sorry for the rant. This stuff gets me riled up.

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The automotive sales industry is off to a busy start this year. Last week, Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan took place in Atlanta. To nobody's surprise,  it was a huge success with the likes of Jim Ziegler, Sean V. Bradley, Peter Martin, Paul Potratz, Cory Mosley, and many more showcasing their intelligence and experience.

"So, when's the next event?" "Later in the year?" Think again.

In just a few weeks, this year's NADA convention will be kicking off in Orlando, FL. If you're planning on attending, be sure to visit Booth #4179 to see Sean V. Bradley, Jim Ziegler, Peter Martin, Danny Alkassmi, and Ralph Paglia introduce Automotive Digital Training!

Following up NADA is none other than the Internet Sales 20 Group. (#is20g on Twitter :) ) The Internet Sales 20 Group, fresh off of its success in Chicago last October, will be taking place in Dallas, TX: March 19-21st.    Moderating the Internet Sales 20 Group: Sean V. Bradley, Karen Bradley, as well as Peter Martin, President of Cactus Sky. 

From Phone Sales to CRM Processes to Social Media Best Practices and E-mail Marketing, the level of content and knowledge that you will take away from this workshop is unlike any other event in the world. The Internet Sales 20 Group boasts an all-star lineup of Speakers, Expert Panelists, and Presenters, with over a hundred years of total combined automotive experience! On any given day, you will see presentations from Sean V. Bradley, Karen Bradley, Ralph Paglia, Peter Martin, J.D. Rucker, Jim Ziegler, and many more. You will also walk away with our workshop materials, which includes a professionally designed, content-driven workbook with plenty of resources and insight.

Hope to see you there!!

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