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Mark Rodriguez is a National Speakers Association Member, GNYADA Speaker /Trainer, NJ CAR Speaker / Trainer and and Internet Sales 20 Group Speaker / Trainer. Mark recently stopped by our Production Studio to share some of his wealth of knowledge in Automotive Phone Sales.

Thanks Mark!

If you like Mark's message and are interested in hearing more, then you are in luck! Mark Rodriguez is going to be speaking in Los Angles, at the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group!

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Make Money Mondays With Sean V. Bradley - "The 3 Minute Book"

Sean V. Bradley invented a system for time management, projections, forecasting and accountability for the Internet Sales Coordinators / BDC reps that can also be utilized for Sales Consultants... And it ONLY takes 3 minutes a day. Its called the "3 Minute Book". 

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Sean V. Bradley's Presentation For The Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association "Keeping What's Yours & Taking What's Theirs!"

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Make Money Mondays -  Orphan Owners

Sean V. Bradley talks about how sales leads left behind by customer sales reps who have left the company are opportunities that need not be left behind.

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