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What you need to know to developing and evolving the Internet Department at your dealership.

We are going to review 4 different Internet Departments that went from 20-30 units online to over 100, 150 and even 210 units per month online and onto the covers of AutoSuccess Magazine, Digital Dealer Magazine And Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine!

  • We will dive into the Dealer Synergy's Award Winning Process and "4 P" Philosophy
  • Show you the proper way to "set-up" a brand new department, fix a broken department, or evolve a successful department the next level
  • Explain to you the power of the Internet Sales 20 Group Composite & "Synergy"
  • And more...

"How To Grow Your Internet Department" - OVER 500+ Car Dealers Attended This FREE KPA Webinar Today

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Attention Auto Dealers!

Is 2013 going to be the year you increase digital spend, refine your internet processes, and close more internet leads?
Then join KPA at the Internet Sales 20 Group Workshop in Dallas, TX March 19th through March 21st.

KPA Internet Marketing works with dealerships who are frustrated with not being #1 in their market on Google, and not converting their website shoppers into buyers.
We all know that organic website leads close 20% higher than 3rd party lead providers, so make your website and search rankings the top priority for 2013.
As a special promotion for attendees at Internet Sales 20 Group, KPA Internet Marketing is offering a COMPLIMENTARY WEBSITE with the purchase of our Elite SEO package*.

*offer equates to a $20,000 yearly savings

We are excited to be the title sponsor for this event and look forward to seeing you!

Register for Internet Sales 20 Group at

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Dealer Synergy's Award Winning Automotive Internet & Phone Sales Process - "The 4 P's" - Internet Sales 20 Group from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

Dealer Synergy's Award Winning Automotive Internet & Phone Sales Process - "The 4 P's" - Internet Sales 20 Group

Sean V. Bradley is LIVE at the Internet Sales 20 Group training and drilling the process for automotive sales, internet sales and phone sales-

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LIVE Internet Sales 20 Group - Expert Panel - JD Rucker, Ralph Paglia, LA Williams & Frank Laporte - Automotive Sales from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

LIVE Internet Sales 20 Group - Expert Panel - JD Rucker, Ralph Paglia, LA Williams & Frank Laporte - Automotive Sales...

This is an AWESOME LIVE "Expert Panel" at the Chicago, Internet Sales 20 Group

Sign up for the upcoming Dallas, Texas Internet Sales 20 Group March 19-21

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The automotive sales industry is off to a busy start this year. Last week, Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan took place in Atlanta. To nobody's surprise,  it was a huge success with the likes of Jim Ziegler, Sean V. Bradley, Peter Martin, Paul Potratz, Cory Mosley, and many more showcasing their intelligence and experience.

"So, when's the next event?" "Later in the year?" Think again.

In just a few weeks, this year's NADA convention will be kicking off in Orlando, FL. If you're planning on attending, be sure to visit Booth #4179 to see Sean V. Bradley, Jim Ziegler, Peter Martin, Danny Alkassmi, and Ralph Paglia introduce Automotive Digital Training!

Following up NADA is none other than the Internet Sales 20 Group. (#is20g on Twitter :) ) The Internet Sales 20 Group, fresh off of its success in Chicago last October, will be taking place in Dallas, TX: March 19-21st.    Moderating the Internet Sales 20 Group: Sean V. Bradley, Karen Bradley, as well as Peter Martin, President of Cactus Sky. 

From Phone Sales to CRM Processes to Social Media Best Practices and E-mail Marketing, the level of content and knowledge that you will take away from this workshop is unlike any other event in the world. The Internet Sales 20 Group boasts an all-star lineup of Speakers, Expert Panelists, and Presenters, with over a hundred years of total combined automotive experience! On any given day, you will see presentations from Sean V. Bradley, Karen Bradley, Ralph Paglia, Peter Martin, J.D. Rucker, Jim Ziegler, and many more. You will also walk away with our workshop materials, which includes a professionally designed, content-driven workbook with plenty of resources and insight.

Hope to see you there!!

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Sean V. Bradley Speaking At The Internet Battle Plan In Atlanta

 (Here is my Slide Deck Presentation)

I just returned from a VERY successful Dealer Battle Plan that Jim Ziegler hosted! I truly had a great time! I spoke about dominating Google with a Video Search Engine Optimization strategy. I had a tremendous amount of people come up to me and let me know how valuable my workshop was to them and they are excited to go back to their dealerships and implement immediately!

I also had the opportunity to catch up with some AWESOME people!! For example, take a look at this picture:
It was an honor to be around so many talented people,  It was great to see both Cory Mosley and Jim Ziegler! 


I also was excited to connect with Paul Potratz, Jerry Thibeau, Dave Page (And the rest of Dealer e Process), Peter Martin, Rachel Haro and MORE!!! 

I want to THANK EVERYONE who was so kind and attended my session & gave me AWESOME Video Reviews :)  I received such a tremendous amount of love! Here are some videos of people that I met at Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan:

Jim Ziegler - Facebook & YouTube

Jim opened up by discussing how powerful and profitable it is to utilize Social Media to sell cars...

He showed examples from

* Elise Kephart has a POWERFUL strategy of sending EVERY single Internet prospect a CUSTOM YouTube / Video email response. 

Examples from Gainsville Cars

* Good example of good Video "Optimization". They took time creating the descriptions, titles, meta data etc...

* Video emails... Cutting / Pasting Videos from your Youtube Channel and sending them to your prospects.

* Eyejot  is a resource that Jim endorsed as a great resource for Dealers...

* Video Email with a dealer BRANDED template...

*** Jim talks about "RELATIONSHIP Selling". Its NOT just about SELLING... its about BUILDING the relationship with the customer / prospect.

*** People ONLY notice when they are NOT happy...

Social Media is about relationships... about engaging with people. Projecting personality, make it fun...



** Jim discussed the value of Facebook Ads (Social Media "PPC") & He walked people live through the process of creating the ad.

Bill Parman - Stream Companies "The Google Search Effect"

Bill does a great job in explaining the details of SEO... what it is, how does it work. He explains it in a way that make sense to not only the savy optimizer but also for the fledgling.

*** Bill did a GREAT job explaining the difference between Black Hat versus Whit Hat SEO tactics... 

Google Panda and Penguin updates.

SEO Pyramid -

Social, Link Building, Keyword Research & Targeting, Content Quality and Accessibility

*** UNDERSTAND The Lead CONVERSION Path... Utilize Landing Pages. And track the results.

Bill VALIDATES my ENTIRE Presentation about VSEO and concurs that ORGANIC is the MOST POWERFUL. bill states that ONLY 15% of people click PPC.... 85% SKIP and go to ORGANIC

Jerry Thibeau - Phone Up Ninjas / Phone Ups

*** The GREETING is so VERY important. Make sure you make the BEST first impression.

* Specific Qualifying versus generalization qualifying...

* Use good inflection and tones, be animated

* Give CHOICES... do NOT ask open ended questions

* CREATE Urgency

* Quality, Availability, Price...

* # Reason why people do not make an appointment... b/c they NEED their spouses technique

* Pace and Lead.... Pace and Lead...

* If you can not get the in store appointment... GET a phone appointment

*** Jerry just went LIVE, Mystery Shopping a Dealer in the audience... (Sandy Sansing)

Paul Potratz "The Worlds Best Fisherman"

We need to NOT focus on the "Shiny" objects... must focus on the basics.

Talk to people differently... Price, Rebate... the vehicle

7 Types of Re-Targeting

Advertiser or Communicator...?

Mind Reader

... take conventional to your website

Re-targeting, Re-marketing, Behavioral WILL BLOCK other advertisers...

*** Google Key Word Tracker...

*** Wednesday is the MAIN day people shop for used cars...

*** New cars is all 7 days per week...

*** Video on websites is a MUST

* Stay away from YouTube

*** Facebook is a POWERHOUSE 71% reach

Yes, people over communicate but that is a GOOD thing. You can serve them

*** VIP Club.... call to action

Dave Page -Dealer eProcess

"Exploding Website Conversion"

* Provide a Value Mark down for your prospects... (I LIKE THIS IDEA)

example... "was", "is" & "get e price"...

** CONFIRM Availability... (All over the site)

** Contact page is important....

** ONLY Pop ups that work are ones that include a dollar figure.... "buy back" etc...

Cory Mosley - Internet & BDC Breakthrough Strategy Series

"Influence & Conversion"

What is awesome about watching Cory speak is that he is an actual "Professional Speaker". Not only is his content great, he is an awesome articulator of information.



* How does your process fit with the customer... NOT how is it convenient for YOU

* Reinforcing benefits....

* Reinforce, Validate, Brand > Individual > Dealership

* Research > Audit > Listen


* Influencers  Vs. Hunters

* Reduce Sales Reluctance

** Like, Believe, Confidence, Trust

* The head is attached to PRICE... the heart is attached to the wallet

** Segmentation of testimonials...

Testimonials Vs. Influence

*** Influence is NOT closing, it is helping them BUY.

Don't ask "Think" ask how they "feel"


Internet Director of a 9 Store Dealer Group Gives His "Best Idea"....

Facebook Ads!!! He ran an AWESOME Facebook campaign targeting the Military and it was VERY Productive!

Email Marketing was buzzing at the Internet Battle Plan and so were the experts chiming in.


It was also VERY COOL to spend Jim Ziegler's 66th Birthday with him. I swear that I hope to be able to do EXACTLY that on my 66th Birthday... Doing what I LOVE most!





What do you get the "Alpha Dawg" for his 66th Birthday? 

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set... Bling, Bling Baby! For that Louie The XIII 







What Do You Know About That...? 


*** If you are SERIOUS about your Internet Sales / BDC Department you CAN NOT miss the upcoming Internet Sales 20 Group 

Guess who is going to be there... Thats right! Jim Ziegler! So sign up now at:


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4th Generation Dealer & Internet Sales Director, Brandon Maxwell of Maxwell VW, Volvo Subaru Interview on AIS from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

4th Generation Dealer & Internet Sales Director, Brandon Maxwell of Maxwell VW, Volvo Subaru Interview on AIS

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Every Monday CEO of Dealer Synergy, Sean V. Bradley releases a video "Make Money Mondays"...

Tips, Advice, Strategies, Motivation, Inspirational...

All on Success, Wealth and of course Making Money!

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Automotive Internet Interviews Aaron Johnson, 16 Year Automotive Sales Veteran & NEW Internet Sales Director! from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.
Automotive Internet Sales Interviews Aaron Johnson, 16 Year Automotive Sales Veteran & NEW Internet Sales Director!

Aaron, is the new Internet Sales / BDC Director for Toyota of Grand Rapids. He visited with Sean V. Bradley at the Dealer Synergy Video Production Studio and was kind enough to give an interview. We can tell that Aaron is a rising star in the Automotive Sales industry.

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Peter Martin Speaking At The Internet Sales 20 Group On "Permission Based Email Marketing & Data Mining" from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

Peter Martin, CEO of Cactus Sky, Speaking At The Internet Sales 20 Group On "Email Marketing & Data Mining"

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