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For the record, I am not part of the Dealer Synergy team. This is not my conference and I will likely get blacklisted by other conferences for coming out and saying this. However, it's important to me that the industry knows about the one conference that is truly a "must attend" for dealer principals, general managers, and anyone who has a vested interest in the success of their dealership.

I've attended every Internet Sales 20 Group since its inception. In the beginning, it was much like other conferences in that it was geared towards the digital personnel at dealerships. Internet managers, BDC managers, eCommerce directors and the like could come to the event and learn best practices that could help them do their jobs better.

Things have changed. It was most noticeable at the last event in Atlantic City earlier this year when around 200 attendees learned more than just "how to pick good keywords" or "why you need to be on Pinterest". Things really started coming together as the conference followed a theme. It wasn't a bunch of talking heads promoting their products. It was a truly engaging learning experience where dozens of attendees became part of the event, sharing their own best practices and molding the direction of the discussions.

It was at the last event that I realized that this event, while still powerful for the internet people, truly matured into the exact type of conference that dealer principals and general managers could use to guide the direction of their dealership. From the marketing composites that gave individual attention to everyone's unique situations to the flow of the event that kept an orderly but aggressive training schedule, the Internet Sales 20 Group demonstrated that it was different from anything in our industry.

We are proud to sponsor the upcoming event in Boston, not just because of the exposure that it will bring to us, but more importantly because we will be helping the leaders at dealerships come out of the event with a better understanding of how they will succeed through the rest of 2014 and into 2015. This is a competitive industry, but we're in a growth market right now. Some dealers are content with doing better than they did last year. For those who feel that success is never truly attained to its fullest and that there's always room for improvement, this is the right event to attend in September.

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Sean V. Bradley Will Be Speaking at the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association - June 19

If you are in the Greater New York Region, you do NOT want to miss this workshop from the GNYADA, taught by Sean V. Bradley "How To Sell 30+ Units & Make Over $125,000 Per Year".

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Just had Anthony Alagona come in and do 5 day of intense training.  Both Sean and Anthony were the best.  Got great help with scrips, inbound, outbound, special finance, price, availability you name it they had it.  Also got a lot of help with the motivation.  Thanks for Sean and Anthony I pulled a book out of closet that I got years ago and never gave much thought to.  The Secret.  I'm deep into it now and just within the last couple of days have experience a change in my attitude.  This is all thanks to DealerSynergy. 

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DealerSynergy Training

This was such a great experience! Sean Bradley and Anthony Alagona did such a great job at training us and motivating us to better ourselves. Anthony was an awesome trainer; he was so down to earth and funny, I learned so much from him. His techniques really made the information stick in my mind. We will become a better dealership because of DealerSynergy!

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Turn a Mistake into a Masterpiece

In today's marketplace, I submit that it is no longer acceptable to merely satisfy our customers and employees.  That statement is not ground-breaking, we've all heard it.  In most cases, providing what I call "Ridiculous" Service does not come naturally.  As a matter of fact, it's quite un-natural.  We create habits even when it comes to serving.  If we are going to blow our customer's faces off, we have to stop and think.  We have to first identify what it takes to satisfy them, and then we need to seek a way to go further.  We have to say. "In addition to ___, would you allow me to ___?"  Customers understand that it is not a matter of 'if' you blow it, they just want to know that 'when' you do, you are going to respond in a big way.  Our mistakes need to be viewed as opportunities to rescue and delight our customers.  When you do this, don't keep it a secret.  Shout it from the mountaintops!  THIS is what keeps them coming back and becoming an advocate for your business.

We have to learn how to neutralize negative experiences by responding quickly and with some creativity.  The image that I have attached to this article is an example of how an absolute bonehead move turned into a great story.  We left off $1500 worth of incentives on a customer's paperwork.  When the error was detected, we had a decision to make.  First,  I guess we could have just kept quiet.  When I have to resort to this kind of thievery to get by, I'll fire myself, grow a long beard and play my ukulele on the street corner. Secondly, we could have dropped the check in the mail with a sticky note that read "oops".  Instead, we decided to proclaim our greatness.  How would I feel if I unexpectedly received $1500 in the mail exactly one month before Christmas?  Let's turn this financial faux pas into a marketing masterpiece.  Make no mistake, I have no doubt that anyone reading this would return money that belongs to the customer.  The difference is HOW we returned it.   Did you notice the playful language of the letter?  When did we stop having fun at work?  We do these types of fun things on ANY situation in which we owe customers money.  Do you want to blow someone's mind?  Send them $125 explaining that you were able to secure a little extra on their trade in from last month.  Try to buy that kind of advertising for $125.  I dare you. The point here is that we seek out an opportunities to set ourselves apart.

The budget on this marketing campaign was whatever the letterhead, envelope, and stamp cost.  Under a buck, I suppose.  Oh yeah, about two minutes of my precious time.

If you'll notice, I grabbed a really old letterhead that still had the Pontiac logo on it.  See, when your heart in is the right place, little mistakes don't matter that much.

Who's your Danny?

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Top Employee Motivators and Demotivators

Here are a list of Dr. Bob Nelson's Top Employee Motivators and Demotivators.

The Top Ten Employee Motivators

#1 Personally thank employees for doing a good job--one on one, in writing, or both.  Do it timely, often and sincerely.

#2 Be willing to take the time to meet with and listen to employees--as much as they need or want.

#3 Provide specific feedback about performance of the person, the department and the organization.

#4 Strive to create a work environment that is open, trusting and fun.  Encourage new ideas and initiative.

#5 Provide information on how the company makes and loses money, upcoming products and strategies for competing in the marketplace, and how the person fits into the overall plan.

#6 Involve employees in decisions, especially as those decisions affect them.

#7 Provide employees with a sense of ownership in their work and the work environment.

#8 Recognize, reward and promote people based on their performance; deal with low and marginal performers so that they improve or leave.

#9 Give people a chance to grow and learn new skills; show them how you can help them meet their goals within the context of meeting the organization's goals.  Create a partnership with each employee.

#10 Celebrate successes--of the company, of the department and of individuals in it. Take time for team- and morale-building meetings and activities.


The Top Ten Employee Demotivators

#1 Organizational Politics - An environment in which the competition for power, influence, resources and promotions is based on subjective or hidden criteria.

#2 Unclear Expectations - Employees need to understand what to expect from a recognition program. What are their roles and responsibilities?

#3 Unnecessary Rules - Keep programs simple. Too many rules mean too much bureaucracy.

#4 Poorly Designed Work - Poorly engineered work gets in the way of satisfying internal and external customers and frustrates employees.

#5 Unproductive Meetings - Employees often leave meetings exhausted, battered and bored.

#6 Internal Competition -The healthiest organizations compete against their competition, not against themselves.

#7 Lack of Follow Up - Promise only what can be delivered. Deliver on all promises.

#8 Constant Change - Changing the rules of the game is demotivating. If they do change, make them better – adding new opportunities. If change is necessary or the bar needs to be raised, consult with your employees.

#9 Dishonesty - Employees hate being lied to

#10 Hypocrisy - Do not say one thing and then do another. Be consistent.

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Are You Really Providing Tax Services For Your Customers?

I was speaking with one of my dealers recently and we were talking about how so many people are waiting to receive their tax returns before they buy a vehicle. I said, "You know what would be cool? (In a Joking Matter) If some company like H&R Block or some other company could just set up their services right in the dealership and when someone says they're waiting to get their return we can say, no need to wait, you can get them done right here!" The dealer then said to me, that's exactly what we're doing! I was like WHAT????? So they went on to say that there is a tax service that is specifically set up to help dealers maximize the "Tax Return" objection. I thought this was an AWESOME idea! This may not be a fit for your store but if it is and it can help I wish you the best results possible! 

Here is the website if you're interested. View Website Here! 

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